I'm a software engineer based in the UK.

I have a passion for building and designing web applications and tools that are easy to use and look great. I have a strong background in design and development and have worked with a wide range of clients from small businesses to large corporations.

I have an interest in all things tech and design and I'm always looking for new and exciting things that interest me that I'll write down here.

I hope you will enjoy your reading!


I have built web applications and bespoke business tools and applications for over 20 years.

I have a strong understanding of the front-end and back-end technologies and have worked with a wide range of technologies including C#, Ruby on Rails, React, React Native, Node.js, and many more.

I have a diverse background in technology and design, having contributed to a startup where I developed a cross-platform music application using React Native. Additionally, my experience spans across marketing, design, and web development agencies, where I’ve crafted a broad range of digital solutions, including websites, web applications, e-commerce platforms, and social media applications.

I'm currently working in the financial sector.